Mia Quint Rapoport


Teaching Pilates may be my second career, but it is, and always has been my first (professional) love. I have always loved "moving" but was not born with an inherent talent to dance, or play a sport. Nor do I have that competitive spirit, so I never thought a career in movement would be my thing. But I do love teaching, as well as the art of communication, which led me down an academic path in education and communication studies.

In 2003 I certified in Pilates mat and reformer in order to teach on the side while doing my Ph.D. After having my third child, I decided to open up my very own Pilates studio, and I re-certified in mat and reformer Pilates. My previous work in the field of education gives me a leg up- teaching Pilates requires the careful and thoughtful crafting of cues and symbols in order to make clients feel the appropriate work.

While I think that the whole experience of Pilates- from the equipment to the sequencing of choreographies - is amazing, it is really the effort we instructors put into "cuing" that makes it stand apart. My biggest challenge as an instructor is getting my clients to feel what I want them to feel, and I am constantly working on this aspect of the job. Everyone of my classes is different and every class is a learning experience.

I am re-writing this biography five years after I hatched the idea of ReForm. This was a decision made with trepidation- I worried that I would be saying good bye to an important part of myself. In this fifth year, after having certified successfully in ALL of the equipment (Cadillac, Barrel, Chair, Springwall, mat and Reformer), I know for sure that it was really 'hello'.

Come and feel your body by trying a class at my cozy little studio!



Certified Pilates instructor 

Certified in Mat, Reformer, Springwall, Cadillic, Chair and Barrel from Body Harmonics www.bodyharmonics.com

Jacqueline Michaels


Body Harmonics trained, Jacqueline Michaels is a certified Pilates Comprehensive Instructor as well as a CanfitPro Personal Training Specialist. Jacqueline turned to Pilates 10 years ago to address multiple injuries and imbalances from her competitive gymnastics and sports background. She now looks to help others improve their strength and postural patterns so movement feels more effortless in their day to day life. Jacqueline combines her personal training background with her Pilates training to build classes that will leave you feeling connected, stronger and taller.


Body Harmonics® Pilates Mat Teacher
Body Harmonics® Pilates Reformer Teacher
Body Harmonics® Pilates Comprehensive Teacher

CanfitPro Personal Training Specialist