​Class Descriptions

Focus on Core

A mat based class incorporating small weighted balls, light squishy balls, foam rollers, fitness circles and flex bands.  After this class you will feel stretched a little sore and tighter in your core muscles.


Springs hanging off the walls allow for amazing standing and lying resistance work. I use Springwalls on their own as well in combination with the Reformer and mat classes (on the schedule they are called 'combo classes'). These tools bring new perspective to existing moves! Check out my photo page to have a look at some of the things we do with them.

Classic ReFormer

You will learn the essential and foundational moves on the reformer while getting a fantastic workout, stretching and strengthening your muscles.


Intense ReFormer

In this class we move past the foundational moves to more complicated choreographies. Making the moves more complex is fun while working your muscles deeper.



This class turns reformers into mini-trampolines for an intense, fast paced, interval-training workout. Its gentle on the joints, makes the legs burn, and gets the heart pumping!



     We offer  group, private and semi-private classes.

24 hour cancellation policy.


110 per class (one on one)

660 for a package of 6

270 per package of 3

Private Groups

Duet: 65 per person

Threesome: 45 per person

Foursome:  40 per person


Group Class Rates

Group classes are maximum 5 people

Single class


Package of 5 classes


Package of 10 classes


Package of 20 classes


HST will be applied to all packages and sessions