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The Studio
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The equipment is one of the best parts of Pilates!


In my Pilates studio I use state of the art classical reformers from the Balanced Body Contrology line (, and springs from this line. These reformers are based on the original specifications that Joseph Pilates employed in the design of his own reformers. The vintage springs! The leather straps! All of these details contribute to a movement experience and a Pilates practice that is truly exceptional.



People often come to my studio to use the reformers - but they stay for the Springwalls! Don't know what a Springwall is? It's a scaled down version of the Cadillac. Where on a reformer the springs are attached to a moving platform, on a Springwall, the springs hang of the wall. There are springs for arms, legs and a roll back bar for optimal spinal articulation. The Springwalls provide support and feedback to the body to enable lengthening, stretching and core recruitment.

In my Pilates studio I also use the following tools:

Arc Barrels



Magic Circles (Pilates ring)

classical mat

In my privates I use:

All of the above

Wunda Chair

Push thru bar


A look inside my cozy studio

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