Pilates improves your 'quality of life' because it helps you move better everyday. 

Just listen to what Mia's clients say:

"When I starting doing Pilates a year and half ago, I had no flexibility, and terrible posture. Today, after hard work and lots of encouragement, my posture is better than it has ever been, and am able to do things I never thought I would be able to do  again. After one of Mia's clases I feel so tall, and straight, and it has become second nature to always be in my best posture possible."

" Mia is a knowledgeable educator who you can tell loves Pilates and loves teaching it. I like that she demonstrates the movement, describes what it does and provides modifications to meet your needs or to help you make it more challenging. She respectfully guides and coaches you through the exercise so that you’re doing it safely and getting the desired outcome. Mia is a very genuine individual and provides a wonderful, inspirational Pilates learning experience."

"I moved 2 Ikea book cases alone yesterday.  I was only able to do that because of your classes... I engaged ALL my muscles (even my lady bits). I'm a little sore but fine...just wanted to say THANKS!!!!"

"I really enjoyed class yesterday. It's hard to explain but my body feels "longer" today. Weird huh? All of my muscles feel as if I've worked them out. Can't wait until next week."

"Hi Mia, your classes are terrific.  My back feels better after each class.  The exercises are interesting and varied so there is no boredom as can happen with any classes exercise or otherwise.  I always tell Sheila after the class how good it is but I don’t think I ever told you.  So there you are!  And I’ve taken a lot of classes."