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Reform Pilates

Reform Pilates is a classically oriented Pilates Studio located in the heart of Forest
Hill, Toronto. Our cozy studio offers state-of-the-art equipment and exceptional classes suitable for all levels. We welcome you to experience the wonderful classical methodologies of Pilates. 

Classical Methods

Reform Pilates is rooted in tradition yet fosters a modern lifestyle. We are one of the few studios that practice the Classical style of Pilates founded by Joseph Pilates, himself. The method incorporates more than 500 controlled movements with the aim of achieving complete coordination of body, mind, and soul.

Group Classes

Looking for connection, community, and a fun total body challenge? Join one of our group classes:

Our group classes utilize all of the Pilates equipment and focus on the quality of movement. Within each class, you’ll refine your Pilates practice and provide your body the challenge it craves.

Private Sessions

Looking for highly focused, personal attention throughout your Pilates session? Going 1-on-1 with our Certified Pilates Trainers is just for you:

Our individual training will teach you the proper classical Pilates techniques; giving you a strong, solid foundation on your wellness journey. Our experienced Trainers will tailor a personalized Pilates program designed around your body, your needs and your goals.  


New to Pilates?

Book a 1 on 1 introductory session with one of our knowledgable and friendly instructors, and get started on your Pilates journey today.

"Mia is an outstanding instructor! She is knowledgeable in all things traditional Pilates and her studio is outstandingly equipped with the newest reformers. She will keep you true to the practice, and encourage you while making sure that you are doing your exercises correctly. Moving with flow and accuracy is the ticket and Mia has the skill to take you there!"

Nancy G.

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